Understanding Your Requirement

During the Job Brief stage, we find out from you the full set of skills and aptitudes required for the position.  Other than the daily responsibilities, we also need to find out the specific objectives and mandate of the role and how the incumbent will be evaluated

We will determine what experience is required for the role and what additional skills and aptitudes would enhance the candidate’s ability to excel in the role.  Emphasis is also placed on discovering details regarding the company culture, work environment, team dynamics, and non-financial rewards.

Comprehensive Research

We will begin our comprehensive research process by gathering data on specific industries and identifying a list of institutions where potential candidates are likely to be of interest to the client This includes mining databases, networking and market mapping.  We will then compile all the information into a research list.


Depending on the requirements of the role, sometimes we combine our search method with advertising in order to draw a larger pool of candidates.

Candidate Approach

Once a research list has been established, we will confidentially approach potential candidates to determine if they have any interest in the position.  We will approach potential candidates with care and respect. Confidentiality of your company name is also maintained until when we are confident that the candidate has a genuine interest in the position as well as has the appropriate skills and attributes to be considered for the position.

Interviewing and presentation of candidates

We conduct competency-based and preferences interviews that focus on the candidate’s past performance and preferences.  We explore what the candidate has done and what they would like to do now, as well as what they would like to do in the future.  After our interviewing process, we will then select and present you the best of the candidates


We conduct a thorough and confidential reference check on candidate’s past employments (with candidate approval), at a stage close to an offer.  Reference checks will be kept strictly confidential and we ensure the referees feel comfortable in expressing their opinion about the candidate.  Referees are carefully chosen to ensure they have specific knowledge about the candidate’s performance in those areas of importance. 


We assist in negotiations associated with offers of employment with the selected candidate.  We also counsel candidates on the resignation process and how best to terminate their employment.

Unsuccessful Candidates

We inform those unsuccessful shortlisted candidates as soon as possible.  We ensure that each candidate feels they have been fairly considered.

Follow up

During the first few months of employment we provide ongoing follow-up with both the placed candidate and their immediate manager to ensure a smooth and successful transition into your organisation.